Welcome to my portfolio. Within this entire website I will show my work as a student of industrial design.
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    This is me.

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    To me, an interesting design by Andre Kutscherauer.

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    My very first project.

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    My latest project.

Welcome to my portfolio

My name is Til van Sluisveld and I'm a Bachelor degree graduate from the faculty of Industrial Design at the Eindhoven University of Technology.​

The curriculum of the study is built up off projects and assignments. A lot of focus is on building experience in design.

I'm a very creative and ambitious person, but at the same time very down to earth and realistic. I'm good at thinking of solutions to problems, and a quick learner. I'm very social and function great within a group. But I can also work individually

I'm a very conceptual based designer,but also like working with electronics and have a small background in electrical engeneering. Also I like creating with a taste of humor, making a design stand out and make users look at it with a different perspective than their natural view.


The chapter skillset will showcase the different skills i've gained during my education at the faculty of Industrial Design.


This chapter will showcase some of the different projects i have worked on, both within the faculty of industrial desing and outside of it.


And finally i will offer my personal information to contact me if you are interested in me as a designer or if you want to have more information about any of the projects i have worked on.